To Those Who Need To Hear It- I Care



The bottle returns to your lips,

and you take another long sip

feeling the burn in your throat.

Trying to clear your mind, 

from a hard day,

This is how you cope.

You did this since high school,

when the going gets tough,

you find yourself at the bottom

of yet another bottle.

Do you fear of drowning?

Put it down.



Listen to me.

Lace your fingers with mine.

I am your friend.

It hurts

The burning down your throat,

it too hurts.

Don't lose yourself in another bottle.

I care,

This Jack Daniels doesn't.

He doesn't know you.

He lures you in,

part of his charm.

But he's a bad influence,

didn't your mother tell you?

Didn't you learn?

He makes you sick,

He makes you sin,

He kills you,

from the inside-out

I am your friend.

He is not.

So put it down,

It won't all be for naught.

©2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog



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