“You Have Been Weighed”


You don’t know of my pain,

So allow me to personify it.

Here’s your introduction.


This is Mr. Hassle,

He’s insufferable, a real pain.

He doesn’t understand the simple phrase

“No means no”.

He doesn’t care and lacks respect.

He was a former friend.


And now to him I am a foe,

All because I said no.

Not even that stopped him,

For he undermines and uses the crowd against me,

The labels given to me out of spite;

Mr. Hassle is no company to keep.


Meet this Janus- faced girl,

Yes she is young, but she’s learnt the ways

To be Machiavellian.

She was disliked by all, except for me.

I saw the good and so

Became the friend.

I endured the abuse and always made an excuse for her

Until I reached my summit.

I was hurt and I imploded.


This Janus and Mr Hassle are good friends,

They are alliances,

Along with Mr Disillusion.


The mistake was I liked Mr Disillusion,

He was kind,

He was handsome,

He was sweet,

A gentleman,

But he’s becoming of his name.

He was a disillusion.

He said and did things

And now the Janus girl and Mr Disillusion have become quite the pair.


And the three of them have conjoined

And lavished me with their hate.


I am not broken.

And like a phoenix,

I shall rise from the burning flames.

I will soar.

Yes, I was hurt

But there’s so many reasons to smile

So, “No” I shall say again to you Mr Hassle,

And I will say to you, Mr Disillusion

And to the Janus girl,

No, you shall not break me,

You shall not rob from me

For I shall lock the gates

And if you invade,

Look at the sign.

You’re trespassing.

© 2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog


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