Young Idealists

From young, we are told to use our imagination,

allowed to dream of whomever and whatever we wish to become.

But later on this turns into misguided hope.


As adults, we are made to stop imagining,

find something realistic, they say.


They fear idealism, for they think it creates chaos.

But who created this epistemology?

It only takes a good orator, an inspired mind;

to invoke conviction into the people,

creating enmity within the government and all that is mundane.


The sleepers call the woken, revolutionists;

creating a hostile environment for the free-minded,

putting them in cells.


They wish to take away visions and dreams,

and create robots out of people,

scorning those who “stick it to the man”.

To protect themselves from being overthrown.


©2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog


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