His arms wrapped around me,

holding me tightly, giving me security.

In his arms, I was safe; fearless.

His kisses enflamed me,

made my fire burn stronger,

my flames brighter.

Lavished in his touch,

I was safe.

His parted lips met mine,

a conversation; without words.

His eyes looked passed me,

He saw something much more,

beyond everything.

He saw me truly naked.

He saw me.

His fingers traced every intricate detail,

left no spot untouched.

His eyes, filled with such passion,

his skin was warm to the touch.

His voice was soft, peaceful

A voice, like a beautiful symphony.

I gave him my heart,

and he kept it locked away;

to be left unharmed.

© 2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog



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