I sat there waiting,

time and time again,

I sat there waiting.


And for what?

You still went back to her.

The one who broke your heart,

stamped on it,

crushed it right in front of you.


I sat there waiting,

waiting for something that wasn’t mine.


Oblivious to how all this worked,

how no matter how hard I tried,

I hadn’t the pull, she held on you.

And still, here I was.

I sat there waiting.


How the very sound of her name,

makes you turn around,

whilst you remain indifferent,

if my name ever reared it’s head.

I ran behind you like a lost sheep,

in search of some green pastures to eat.


I sat their waiting,

wondering when you would call.

If I was worth a smile or even a mere “hello”.


I watched your eyes,

Oh how they would light up once she was near.

I suppose you wouldn’t care if I wasn’t here.

I sat their waiting.

Hoping you would call.


I felt the wind blow,

it’s coldness comforted me.

It was just me, the moon and stars.

I watched them glow.

Still, I waited.


Then I heard a knock at the door..

No, it can’t be.

As I opened the door,

I instantly smiled

but it wasn’t you at the door.


And so,  I continued.

I sat there waiting.

© 2017 Kristen Deukett. Your Abditory Blog



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