Not Okay

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It’s not okay, you have to know this.

You can’t walk back into my life,

after destroying everything you helped build when you left.


I can’t fathom why you think it’s acceptable,

after all you did;

after all you didn’t.


You don’t have any rights over me,

you haven’t anything to hold over my head

that people haven’t heard already.

You made sure of it.


I am special.  And I have worth.

You will not take that from me.

I have learned my self-worth,

I learnt how to manage.


And I feel free.

And it is not okay for you to come here,

and demand something that is not yours.

To steal from me,

what I rebuilt.


And it was because you had left

That I found my self-worth.


And because of that,

I thank you.


But you should go now

because you have no right.

©2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog




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