That Night

Image result for venice gondola ride at night

The moon’s light glimmered on the river,

The birds flew to their nests, entering one by one.

The wind blew the trees, leaving them to sway; forthcoming.

Two lovers were seen rowing in a gondola,

their arms wrapped around one another.

She felt the chill in the air; she was cold.


His lips were chapped and his nose bled from the cold,

Trying to warm each other up, they saw the moon in the river.

He finally kissed her but once complete he wanted another.

She whispered in his ear, tempting him; offering a wish, but only one.

However, what he wanted he couldn’t possibly get in a gondola

so he spoke of his wish and she smiled and promised to be forthcoming.


Desires weren’t accounted for but no doubt she would be forthcoming,

This newly made promise casted away, inside of him, the cold.

Their journey finally came to an end and so they exited the little gondola,

And they watched the kind man disappear off into the river

He grabbed her by the waist and their lips became one.

They walked hand in hand to their room, once inside, their lips; another.


She looked into his eyes and kissed his neck, he liked it so she gave him another,

She asked him once more for his wish, this time she had to be forthcoming.

And so skin to skin, their bodies became one.

Their warm bodies against each other eliminated all that was cold

and they  would remember this magical night that started from the river,

and how they were away from all distractions in that little gondola.


That special night where they felt the sway from within the gondola,

and how when they kissed and their skin touched, they longed for one another

but the tension grew stronger since they were still traveling by river.

And it was as a result, that they were able to be so forthcoming,

Their bodies as one, all around was gone, the sounds, the hesitation and the cold.

That was the moment where their hearts, minds and souls had become one.


The moment where their passion filled spots, one after one

such desperation for one another, from what they couldn’t have from the gondola;

where he saw her shiver, wrapped his arms around her and saved her from the cold.

When he kissed her, he didn’t want to stop and he knew; she too, wanted another,

and now in that room, all they wanted would come; forthcoming.

A lovely dessert from their little dinner by the river.


And so, in that room, they kissed one another,

and she was very generous and forthcoming.

This was the night they would remember, the one from the river.


©2017 Kristen Deukett. Your Abditory Blog












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