Through The Grapevine

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I hear them, their cutting whispers,

their sharp tongues stabbing me in the back.

All because I gave myself to him,

Jealousy is becoming of you

However, what is worse isn’t what has been spread

but who has done it, no one other than my dear friend.


I couldn’t do it , you are my friend.  Nay, were my friend.

So is this payback? Denied, you now take part in these whispers?

Don’t you see how much of this has spread?

Please, don’t say sorry for nothing you do will take it back.

What hurts more, was the fact that I actually loved you.

I couldn’t do it with you, and so I chose him.


To be honest with you, I didn’t really know him,

It just happened, a hot moment, I wished I had done it with a friend.

It would have been better, especially since I had feelings for you.

But what if I did, would it be the same? You, the start of the whispers,

telling everyone about what happened, when I was on my back…

Everything shared on that night, would you let it spread?


Like a book, wide open, they spread.

The marks on my neck, they were left by him,

he lavished me with kisses on my back,

but the chemistry wasn’t there, I would have had it with you, my dear friend.

Come to think of it, I think you would still do it, orchestrate the whispers

since you’re the boy who had something to boast about, don’t you?


But nevertheless, jealousy has become you.

And I hate that you just helped it spread,

that you were among those dreary whispers.

Only because you didn’t like that it was him.

It could have been you, if you would stop seeing me as just the friend.

And whatever you say cannot take it back.


I wanted you to be kissing my back,

but I chose him over you

because I was your dear little friend.

And like a book, they spread

and thanks to you and him,

what I had under wraps, is the topic of the whispers.


To my demise, like wildfire, they immensely spread,

and all of the glory went to him,

and I, the cutting whispers.


©2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog








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