Image result for abusive relationship

Because it was all my fault,

It’s always mine.

Even though, I wasn’t the one who left

when it was inconvenient.


Yet, I was the one who had to pick up

all the broken pieces.


Hold this family,

or whatever we wanted this to be,

at least it was together.

I said you went on a business trip but—


You weren’t.

Were you?


I should be happy though, right?

You came back

but only when it was convenient

to do so.


When your “business trip” fell through

just like how you did.

Like corrosive sand, slipping through my fingers.


You were the beautiful  ocean,

the destructive wave

that came and ruined my sandcastle;

the one I worked years building.


But whatever

because it was my fault, right?

Even though you lit the match,

it’s my fault the house

burnt down.

©2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Anditory Blog


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