Little Girl in Love

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It was a hot summer’s day,

one which I would never forget.

I was watching the waves meet the shore,

the blistering sun penetrating my defenseless skin.


The winds were calm,

laughter and love filled the air,

I watched as the other children ran;

and played their games.


I saw the couples’ endearing gaze.

And naturally, I wished that I was her.

You would too, if you saw him!


I went to join my friend in the sea,

feeling the sand between my toes,

smelling the salty breeze.


I saw you on approach,

we shared a gaze.

I remember your eyes,

and how your mouth twitched

as if to speak.


But, you only walked away,

and I went to my friend,

we chatted and laughed but

I wanted to know your name.


I caught you staring; time and time again,

I wanted to know you.

I was assured you were interested

so, I made the first move.


I apologised for being forward,

I didn’t think that would throw you off.

I was a bit overzealous, when I talked about “us”.

It was quite precocious.

Since, I knew nothing of the birds and bees,

and to only realize boys really do have “cooties”.


But I remember that day,

as innocent as it may,

that was the day I met my soulmate

but he didn’t meet his.


©2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog


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