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It feels like an eternity;

it’s been decades yet,

I still remember our first encounter.


I was in a café, rereading a favourite.

I remember the day being rather gloomy,

the dark and ominous clouds just loomed over.

It was not rainy but, it was to be expected.


I took a sip of my coffee, when you walked in,

I saw how the artificial lighting perfectly rested on your face.

You looked angelic.

The only distraction I actually enjoyed;

I watched you walk over to the counter to order.

Something about you was just so captivating.


You caught me; mid-stare and quickly

I dived into my book, hoping you didn’t notice.

But you did; I’m glad that you did.


I looked up, once more

and watched you tuck your hair

behind your ear.

I watched as your lips met the mug,

and the cute face you made when

you realized it was too hot.


Then you turned to me,

and walked over; smiling

what I later learnt was a smile;

which you pulled when you were up to something.


You brazenly sat down at my table,

and began talking as though we were

long- lost friends; reconnecting.


It was then, that I came to know

how beautiful you were.

I was enchanted by your mind; the way you thought.

How it completely contradicted to your physical being.

You’ve only been around for twenty years;

yet, you speak as though your story started long before.


And now, I see you before me.

Much older, and slightly more brazen,

you were quiet and still; yet there was a harshness about you.

It was sudden.


I look back, remembering you so lively and beautiful.

Completely in love,

but now, I see you before me.

lifeless and in an open box.

Taken from me, so suddenly.


You left me, the way you came to me.



©2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog





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