An Epiphany

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Still reminded by the errors of the past,

I can’t move on.

I fear being hurt the same way again

and so,

I’m stuck in limbo;

not going, yet not coming either.


I flinch every time that I am touched.

For I remember the bruises left from your touch.

I’m fearful of the dark

because I’m scared that you’ll get past my locked door.

And trespass once more.


I get scared by the thought of happiness,

I’m used to being left hopeless and melancholic.


I’m scared of people because;

I’ve only known them at their worst.


I’m constantly reminded of

the murderer of all that is good.


I came as a blank canvas,

and I shall leave;

tarnished and dilapidated.


Trying to pick my pieces

like Humpty Dumpty.


But, I didn’t fall.

I was pushed off the wall

and came crashing down.


And once upon a time,

I hid behind fake smiles,

and layers of clothing

to hide the scars.


But now, it’s genuine

and the layers are no more.

I was thrown in fire and was scorched

but I came out the burning flames;



Seeing the world, for what it is.

Seeing life, for what it should be.

And now I live a life of love,

instead of fear.


I thought life was over

but, it only just begun.


©2017 Kristen Deukett.  Your Abditory Blog




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